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So löschen Sie den Such- und Standortverlauf in Google Maps auf Android

Nur weil du einmal danach gesucht hast, bedeutet das nicht, dass es für immer weiterleben muss. Google Maps Verlauf Wir alle suchen in Google Maps nach vielen verrückten und einmaligen Dingen, und trotz allem, was Google denkt, wollen wir nicht … Continue reading

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Lösung für langsame systemreservierte Partition auf MBR/GPT Festplatte unter Windows 7/8/10/10

Zusammenfassung: Ihr Computer hat eine reservierte Partition mit niedrigem System in Windows 7/8/10/10? Müssen Sie die system reservierte partition vergrößern oder erweitern? Dieser Artikel erklärt Ihnen, wie Sie die systemreservierte Partition auf MBR/GPT-Festplatte in Windows 10/8/7 erweitern können. Lesen und … Continue reading

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Plus500: Crypto Boom & Strict Regulation

The extreme rise in crypto currencies at the end of last year led to massive revenues for companies that enable customers to trade Bitcoin and Co. Among the winners is the online trading platform Plus500*, which claims that the crypto … Continue reading

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Another important aspect of the development

Another important aspect of the development is safety. This is achieved through a high degree of decentralisation. Meanwhile, the blockchain of the DigiByte crypto currency extends to over 100,000 nodes, servers and computers. This makes it very difficult to attack … Continue reading

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DigiByte Coin – A crypto currency for Miner

The DigiByte crypto currency, also called DGB, is one of the oldest crypto currencies and still relatively unknown. Perhaps wrongly, because the DigiByte Coin development contains interesting technologies that have already been adopted from other crypto currencies. The coin blockchain … Continue reading

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Start-ups are pushing for Bitcoin Code adaptation in the medical sector

Blockchain technology can have a major impact in various industries. Outside the financial sector, a number of options are currently under consideration. The medical industry can also benefit from distributed ledgers. South Korean Start-Ups are pressing in the coming years … Continue reading

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Ethereum Mining – How do I mine ether?

But the rate is not expected to be maintained: Sometime in 2017, Ethereum will switch from Proof of Work to a new consensus algorithm in development, the Casper, which is expected to be more efficient and requires less mining effort. … Continue reading

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