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Click here for the Ada County Highway District Bicycle Advisory Committee websiteGreen Elected to ACHD Bike Committee
Kevin Bayhouse, Secretary of the Idaho Green Party, has been elected to the Ada County Highway District Bicycle Advisory Committee. Committee members serve for one-year termsand meets the first Monday of every month at 6pm and anyone from the county is invited to attend. [12/06/06]

Click here for The Sagebrush Variety Show websiteListen to Local Green Webcasts
Greens in the Treasure Valley are producing a variety-style show for RadioBoise. The format is political satire and commentary, and contains serial plays, skits, songs, interviews, and reports--on everything promoting green values, from backyard chickens to energy conservation. You can listen to the show online on RadioBoise's webcast, Tuesday afternoons on KRFP 92.5 Radio Free Moscow, or download the podcasts. The program has recently been awarded a grant from the Green Institute for recording equipment which is shared with other locally produced shows. [12/26/05]

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