Another important aspect of the development

Another important aspect of the development is safety. This is achieved through a high degree of decentralisation. Meanwhile, the blockchain of the DigiByte crypto currency extends to over 100,000 nodes, servers and computers. This makes it very difficult to attack the Blockchain as a whole. The other aspects of security result from the functions that Digi and MultiShield add to the blockchain. The five different algorithms make it difficult for hackers to attack the system or manipulate the course.

DigiByte Coin – Who is behind the crypto currency?
The head behind the DigiByte Coin development is Jared Tate, the rest of the team is rather unknown. In the spirit of decentralization, many freelance programmers contribute their own code. The project is largely financed by donations. Jared Tate learned programming at a young age from his mother, a computer scientist. After his time in the Idaho Senate and the US military, he turned to DigiByte Coin development. The project started as early as 2013, the first blockchain was launched as early as 2014. The developers found that some things about Bitcoin needed improvement. They then focused on developing a faster and safer blockchain.

Bitcoin Code- Advantages and Disadvantages

In all aspects, be it safety, flexibility, speed and mining, this coin seems to be superior to that of Bitcoin. Nevertheless, the crypto currency does not get the attention it may deserve. On the one hand, this could be an advantage for those who want to buy this coin and sell it again when the price rises. As a forecast, it is not unlikely that share prices will continue to rise in the future. But Bitcoin code and is Nevertheless, the DGB Coin remains even further behind its possibilities. It often seems as if the developers don’t dare to display the coin anymore. They didn’t even have a big advertised Initial Coin Offering. It’s not that the team isn’t working on the Digi Byte Coin development. Only a little more marketing would do the coin good.

DigiByte Coin – Course – Development – Forecast

The DGB course was quiet for a long time. The coin was quoted at a value below 1 cent per coin. Real developments did not emerge until 2017. The first increase was recorded by the DGB Coin in June, when the Twitter account of the developers drew attention to itself with a message that there would soon be important announcements. It was a new DigiByte Wallet and some new features. The price rose within a few days to 5 cents, the best result to date. The price then fell, but remained in a range of 1 to 2 cents per coin. In November, the digi byte lost value again and slipped below 1 cent.

In December 2017 the DGB Coin experienced another rise, like so many other crypto currencies. Only maybe John McAfee helped in this case. In a tweet he had called the DigiByte crypto currency a „sleeping giant“. The share price was already much better than before and rose to over 5 cents. The price remained there until it almost reached 1 euro in the new year.

value again and slipped

DigiByte Coin Forecast: Many traders probably do not know what the individual crypto currencies have at all. But maybe now the interest in Digi/Byte is aroused. The Digi Bytes team should now seize this opportunity and attract more attention, so it is conceivable that the DGB course will hold on to a few cents per coin and occasionally make bigger jumps.

Create a Bitcoin Trader Wallet

Several DigiByte Wallets are available on the official developer site, for Windows, Mac, Linux, even mobile devices. The Bitcoin Trader only needs to be correctly installed and then encrypted with its own password. Then the wallet needs 3 to 4 hours to synchronize with the blockchain.

Where can I buy the DigiByte Coin?
To buy the DigiByte Coin, you usually have to exchange it for Bitcoin or Ether. Bittrex, Poloniex, Kucoin or Cryptopedia offer larger and more reliable online file sharing services.

Conclusion DigiByte Coin
The DigiByte Coin has the potential to become big. Safety, speed, thought-out mining, it seems that everything is there to replace the Bitcoin. Only attention, that is still missing from the DGB crypto currency.

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